3rd & 4th Class

Welcome to the class blog for 3rd & 4th class. We hope that enjoy looking at some the activities, lessons and outings that we get up to in our class.

Class Information

Class Teacher : Mrs. Caroline O' Sullivan

Email: caroline@ballycloughns.com for class queries.

office@ballycloughns.com for administrative queries.

Our Class Project on the Irish Legend - The Children of Lir

Coding and Creating Games on our iPads.

Step by Step Drawings of our favourite character

Baby Yoda

Science Experiment - Testing for Density of a liquid

We studied how oil and water have different densities and discovered that oil will always float on water because water is heavier than oil. This means that water is more dense than oil. Oil is Hydrophobic which means it will not mix with water. We also looked at the damage to the environment and how oil slicks damage the seas.

Maths Week Activities

We love arts and crafts

Christmas Crib Silhouettes



We worked so hard we got a treat of a Christmas Movie and Hot Chocolate in class today!!