1st & 2nd Class

Welcome to the class blog for 1st & 2nd class. We hope that enjoy looking at some the activities, lessons and outings that we get up to in our class. 

Class Information

Class Teacher :  Ms. Amanda O'Sullivan

Email:  amanda@ballycloughns.com for class queries.

office@ballycloughns.com for administrative queries.

1st Class

2nd Class

World Book Day


1st and 2nd Class were busy investigating length this week. We measured with our span, stride, copies, books and learned about centimetes and meters!

Practice for our school show "HONK" has begun!



A Trip to the Cinema

We had a great day at the cinema in Mallow. We went to watch a new movie called wish! It was magical.

Santa visited us on his sleigh! 

He was raising money for Temple Street Children's hospital. Thanks you to everyone who donated.

Second Class

First Class

Science Week




Lava Lamps

The Nutty Scientist

Rugby with Kenneth

Happy Halloween

Do you recognise anyone?

1st Class

2nd Class

Ms O' Sullivan and Claudia

Seeing Double

Today Junior + Senior Infants, 1st + 2nd class enjoyed a Virtual Autumn Farm Tour on a local Dairy Farm.

We are participating in a new virtual farm tour series called “Farming Through the Seasons” by Agri Aware.

We already can’t wait for our winter farm tour!

We made delicious chocolate covered apples this week! 

It was so much fun. 

Our classroom smelled like chocolate all day long.

Pumpkin Carving Maths Activity

We had great fun carving a pumpkin today! 

We counted all the seeds and put then in groups of 2, 5 and 10.

There was 466 seeds in the pumpkin,.

Future Leaders at Work

In Religion we have been learning about the "Law of Love" and why rules are important.

This led us to the question "If you were the leaders of a new country, what would be your top 4 rules."

The children discussed this in pairs and shared their rules with the class. This lead to great conversation amongst the children.

Maths Week Fun

We started the week off with a really fun pumpkin investigation!

100 Square Race! This game is pure luck

We played a simple version of Seduko - 1st class have been working on bonds of 10 so this game was really fun!

We finished out the week with lots of fun board games!

Handwriter of the Week

Gaelgoir na Seachtaine

Pupil of the Week

Handwriter of the Week

Gaelgoir na Seachtaine

Pupil of the Week

Food Dudes

Food dudes is off to a great start in 1st and 2nd Class! 

So far we have tasted banana, blueberries, peppers and carrots.

Autumn Yoga 

with Claudia

Handwriter of the Week

Gaelgoir na Seachtaine

Pupil of the Week



In English we read a recipe for party buns! We had great fun testing the recipe.

Handwriter of the Week

Gaelgoir na Seachtaine

Pupil of the Week

Our Favourite Things

We are continuing to learn about each other in SPHE. This week we shared our favourite things with each other.

Native Plants and Animals

In SESE we larned about Native plants and animals! We then went on a scavenger hunt around the yard. We collected lots of different plants and animals and used them for printing in Art.

My Name

We have been getting to know our new classmates, learning each others names and where they come from. We learned some names in Irish.


Thank you Jackie for a great 1st Music Lesson! We really enjoyed it and cannot wait for next week.

Handwriter of the Week

Gaelgoir na Seachtaine

Pupil of the Week

Teddy Bears Picnic

We took advantage of the sun and had a lovely picnic outside on Friday!

Back to School

We are delighted to be back in school! 

We are having lots of fun playing, learning and getting to know each other!