Welcome to the class blog for 3rd and 4th Class.  We hope that you enjoy looking at some of the activities, lessons and outings that we get up to during the year.

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Class Teacher:  Mrs. Caroline O'Sullivan

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Teddy Bear's Picnic  08/09/23

We all enjoyed the lovely weather today when we had a Teddy Bear's picnic and got to have our lunch outside.  

The Food Dudes are back!

Food Dudes is a programme designed to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and at home.  We are looking forward  to having this in our school and to develop our sense of taste.

Science Experiment - How to find air pressure

The flame heats the air inside the glass and this hot air expands. When the flame goes out the air in the glass cools leaving lower air pressure. The high pressure outside the glass and the lack of oxygen inside the glass, creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls more water inside the glass and the water level rises.

Maths Week Day 1    16/10/23

Today we started our Maths Trail around the school.  We began with the questions on our school environment.  We looked at the number of windows in the school, shapes and angles that we could find and estimating and measuring the length and width of our school using a trundle wheel.  

We also took on the challenge, with the other classes,  of counting how many star jumps we could do in one minute. By Friday we will see which class has the highest total of jumps.

We also played maths games and challenges in the iPads.  MATHS IS FUN !

Counting the number of windows in the school.

Looking for parallel lines around the school.

How many different shapes can be found?

How many star-jumps can we do in one minute?


How many can I answer correctly in 3 minutes?

Beat the clock !

Addition challenge

Maths Week Day 2     17/10/23

Measuring the length of the classroom

 Mapping the perimeter of the classroom

What is the width of the room?

Counting steps 

Maths Week Day 3   18/10/23

Toytheatre.com Maths Games

Maths Challenge


Space Race

Maths Week Day 4   19/10/23

Today we did a survey with all the children in the school to find out what was their favourite colour.  First we did a tally sheet which we used in each class room in our groups. Then we came back and put all the data we collected toghether.  We then made a BAR CHART to show the data.  We also thought of some interesting questions that could be solved using the bar chart. 

Maths Week Day 5

Measuring the circumference of the pumpkin

Pumpkin Challenge

How tall is this pumpkin

Counting the number of lines on the pumpkin

Pumpkin Challenge - Does it float or sink?

We discovered that the orange pumpkins floated but the white one sank to the bottom of the water.

Happy Halloween

Today we had our spooky walk and our spooky disco.

We had a really fun day !

All the staff and children got into the Halloween spirit with the costumes today.

We love to Dance

A Visit from the Nutty Scientist

We really loved the visit from the Nutty Scientist.  We had the opportunity to participate in many experiments using dry ice.  We learned how dry ice is made and how it is used in movies and at concerts! 

Peer Tutoring

We are practicing and improving our reading fluency by reading with others and learning from and helping each other. 

Science Week 

We have been learning all about bridges and how various types of bridges are made around the world.  Today we are designing and making our own bridges, using recycled materials.

Team 1 with their completed bridge. They tested it to see if it could hold the weight of the toy cars on top.

We have some brilliant  architects and engineers in our class. 

Group 2 with their completed bridge.  It stood up to the test for how much weight it would take.

Brilliant teamwork.

Team 3 with the bridge they designed and made with recycled materials.  They tested the strength of the bridge using toy cars and other units of weight. 

Brilliant co-operation at work here.

Team 4 showing how the bridge they designed holds the weight of a bottle of water.

Great team spirit !

Christmas 2023

We had a great trip to the Cinema.  We went to see the movie 'Wish'.  We really enjoyed it!

We had a visit from Santa on his Reindeer and it was very exciting.

Santa came back and brought a Selection Box for everyone. 

St. Brigid's Day

We learned to make St. Brigid Crosses out of rushes today.  Thank you to the 6th Class girls for helping us.

Science - Gravity

We were learning about gravity and made parachutes to compare how gravity works.  We tested  each parachute and timed them to see how long it took them to drop and reach the floor.

Drama lessons with Centre Stage

Today we began our rehearsals for our school production of the musical 'HONK'.

We enjoyed every minute.

Let the FUN begin !!!

Pancake Tuesday 2024

Science - Lemon Battery

Today we were learning about electricity and how we use it.  We also made our own electricity using lemons to create an electric current and light up a bulb.

We loved this 

Laps For Lent

On Ash Wednesday we started our 'Laps for Lent', and walk laps of the school yard every morning before school begins.  We enjoy walking and chatting with our friends.

World Book Day