6th Class

Welcome to the class blog for 6th class. We hope that enjoy looking at some the activities, lessons and outings that we get up to in our class. 

Class Information

Class Teacher :  Mr. Donagh O'Mahony

Email:  donagh@ballycloughns.com for class queries.

office@ballycloughns.com for administrative queries.

Our 6th Class Hoodies

This week we got a very special delivery of our 6th Class Hoodies. A alot of thought a deiscussion went in a class regarding the colour and design that we would like and the class were delighted when they saw them. A big thank you to the parents association who contributed to the cost of the hoodies.

TY Musical in Scoil Mhuire Buttevent

Thank you to Scoil Mhuire Secondary School in Buttevent for inviting us to go see their TY Musical of High School Musical. It was great to see a number of past students of the stage. The class really enjoyed the show.

Baking Yummy Treats

We recently replaced the cooker and oven in our school kitchen and decided that we would try it out. In groups we decided what we would like to make and each member in the group was given a role in preparing for our day baking. We had great fun making and eating our lovely treats!

Swimming Lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool

This week was our final week of our five weeks of swimming lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool. We had great fun going on the bus each week and impriving our swimming skills in the pool. Thank you to our swimming instructors and to the Parent's Association who contributed to the cost of the lessons.   

World Book Day

The school celebrated World Book Day on the 7th March. The whole class dressed up a character from their favourite book. We used did some reading with the younger classes and made book marks. 

Lemon Battery Electricity Experiment

We used lemons to turn chemical energy into electricity to light a out LED bulbs. 

Santa Comes to Visit

On the day of the Christmas Holidays we had a very special visitor call to the school. Santa called to all the classes in the school along with our Parent's Council.  Each child class got a selection box each which was a lovely treat to finish off term one. 

6th Class Visit the Cinema 

Before the Christmas Holidays the class got a bus to Mallow to go to the cinema. In the cinema we went to watch the movie Wish. A great day out was had by all. 

Secret Santa Fun

In the build up to Christmas the class organised Secret Santa in which they purchased gifts for one another.  It was kept a secret who had each other and we had great fun trying to guess who bought each other the presents. 

Happy Halloween from 6th Class  

Halloween is always one of the most enjoyable days of the school year here in Ballyclough and this year was no difference. It was a fun packed day from start to finish. Well done to everyone for making such an effort with their costumes. 

Exploding Pumpkin Science Fun 

This  week for science we used the pumpkins that we designed earlier in the week for art and create exploding pumpkins! We mixed together baking soda, washing up liquid, water and food colouring  and then out this inside our pumpkins. After this we poured in vinegar to create the chemical reaction which made our pumpkins explode! As you can see we mostly certainly had great fun undertaking this experiment! 

Pumpkin Carving & Art 

In groups the class were given a pumpkin each to design, carve and paint. Great fun was had getting out hand messy in clearing out the pumkins. Once the pumpkins were cleared out, it was time to decide how to design them. As you can see, we were very creative in our designs and carvings!

Halloween Drawing Workshop with Artist Nadia Corridan  

A big thank you to Wexford Education Centre for organising a wonderful drawing workshop with artist Nadia Corridon. The class really enjoyed partaking and created some brilliant pieces of art. 

Road Safety Webinar with Cork County Council &  An Garda Siochana  

As a class we had a live interactive webinar with Cork County Council & An Garda Siochana based on road safety. During the webinar we learnt all about the different rules and regulations regarding road safety. A lot of focus put on the correct use of seat belts, helmets and when we are using the road. Many thanks to the organisers for running such a benefical weninar. 

PE Fun

PE is one our favourite activities eachweek. Form the past two months we have been focusing on the strand of games. We have explored various games such as rounders, basketball, soccer and badminton (which was one of favourite).

Maths Week 

This week was Maths Week and we had great fun exploring various different daily fun activities as a class and as a school. As a class we undertook various problem solving Kahoot Quizzes, problem solving challenges, maths trails and other fun activities. As a school we set challenges such as guess the staff member and guess the sweet jar which we really enjoyed. 

Spellings for Me

As a class we have been working for hard practicing the different strategies to help us to learn our individualised spellings. These strategies include letter strings, word in a word, letter drawings, mnemonics and mistake mapping. 

Each week we have a Speller of the Week who has best used these strategies, well done to our winners so far!

Sciath na Scol Football Blitz 

A big well done to our boys and girls football teams who represented the school who well in their recent Scaith na Scol Football Blitz. Over the past number of week have have been practicing our football skills for our PE lessons. It was great to see so many of the skills practiced being showed in our matches. 

Food Dudes 

Our school are taking part in the food initiative which encourages children to eat and to try out different fruit and vegetables.  We really enjoyed tried the various fruits and vegetables. More information  about the programme can be found here.


Sight Words & ICT Skills with the Infants Classroom 

This week we started worked with the Junior & Senior Infants. During this time we will be teaching the class how to use the iPads but focusing on skills such as using QR codes and accesing websites. 

This week the focus of our lesson was to practice the sight words that the class were learning. We had great fun and are looking foward to working with the boys and girls from the younger class for the rest of the year. 

Coding Fun with Microsoft Arcade  

During our ICT time we created our own retro games using Microsoft Arcade. For this we programmed our own characters and created code for a controller to work the game. We also created our own backing tracks for the games. 

Group Recount Writing 

This week we started exploring recount writing. Have gone through different examples, we came together in groups to to plan out and create our own recount stories. We really enjoyed working together and sharing our ideas. 

Welcome to 6th Class 

Say hello to our sixth class for the 2023/24 school year. We look forward to keeping you up to date with activities that we complete over the course of school year and our final year here in Scoil Eoin Naofa.