The Daffodil Room 2022/23

In the Daffodil Room we learn in a “hands-on” way. Every day we do our work stations where we do independent work. Then we work and learn in small groups or on our own with Teacher or our SNAs. We love to use technology such as the Ipads, the laptops or the interactive whiteboard every day to help us learn and play. 

Class Information

Class Teacher :  Ms Fiona O'Connell

Email: for class queries. for administrative queries.

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Our Classroom

Throughout the day we get a chance to play, practice fine and gross motor skills or visit the Sensory Room across the hall. Our favourite parts of the Daffodil Room are sand play, the trampoline in the sensory room, the iPads and the go-carts. 

We love sensory play in the Daffodil Room!

A Spooooooktacular time learning aout Halloween!

Witches cauldron with lots of jelly and bugs! 

Painting with a witches broomstick made of spaghetti.

Pumpkin potions

Autumn Walk in the Daffodil Room

Old Macdonald's farm animals loved rolling around in mud. We enjoyed washing the animals in water to clean them. Old Macdonald asked us to cut some hay, grass and straw this week with scissors- it was lots of fun! 

Playdough fun making farm animals. Can you guess what each animal is?

Mark Making 

Self Portraits

Messy Play