4th & 5th Class

Welcome to the class blog for 5th class. We hope that enjoy looking at some the activities, lessons and outings that we get up to in our class. 

Class Information

Class Teacher :  Mr. Conor Linehan 

Email:  conor@ballycloughns.com for class queries.

office@ballycloughns.com for administrative queries.

Welcome to the daisy room

4th and 5th class have had a busy start to the year. 

We are really looking forward to all the amazing activities ahead. 

A collection of pictures from September 

From new PE games to Sciath na Scol 4th and 5th class have had a busy month 

The ladies represented the school during the sciath na scol blitz.

4th and 5th class were inspired by the rugby world cup and showed us their best impression of the haka.

Maths Week 

Maths week was organised in the school and all classes took part in many events during the week. A big thank you Ms O’ Connell for putting so much time and effort into maths week. 

From maths trails, jumping jacks and a guess how many sweets in the jar competition, the school had a great week enjoying all the events planned out. 



4th and 5th class had a very busy halloween. 

After the tests they were glad to blow off some steam with a dance party 

Science week 

4th and 5th class had a lot of activities during science week.

They were astounded by the nutty scientist and his experiments. 

They were challenged to make the longest paper chain out a single sheet of paper with the winner measuring over 9 meters. 

Groups worked together for the egg drop challenge, could they design something that could protect an egg that was dropped from 2m. 

They also showed the effects of thermal expansion and water pressure in class. 

Egg drop video 1 - Made with Clipchamp_1700689004052.mp4

Egg drop challenge

The design explained

Egg drop 2 - Made with Clipchamp_1700689146798.mp4

Egg drop challenge

The design explained

egg video 1 edit.mp4

Egg drop challenge

The design explained


Christmas was a very busy month.

Santa came to visit the boys and girls in Ballyclough. 

We had out annual cinema trip where we watched 'Wish' 

To finish out the year with a bang the school put on a Christmas concert with a wide array of songs from carols to more modern classics. 


January was a short but action filled month. 4th and 5th class participated in a chess competition in Castlemagner. 

We also tried to replicate the work of Michelangelo by trying to draw on the ceiling! (Or under the desks in our case)